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Discrimination remains a common problem in the labor market. In the future, companies will be required by law to pursue a policy for promoting equal opportunities within recruitment and candidate selection.

In 3 weeks’ time, we’ve made several outputs for the Anti-discrimination Hackathon organized by Agency Brize and Rijksoverheid. 3 videos as information and Q&A towards the event. And an aftermovie for the overall event.

As this equal opportunities standard applies to all organizations in the Netherlands, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Inspectorate Social Affairs and Employment, and the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations, are organizing the Anti-Discrimination hackathon (October 30 2020 till November 1, 2020) to shine a spotlight on gender discrimination within data-driven recruitment technology by inviting experts in tech, legal, policy, science, and entrepreneurship to find new solutions to make the labor market discrimination-free.

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