Poku Oso

Conservatorium design by Lindsey van de Wetering

”Poku Na a Tongo Fu Ala Sma”


‘Poku Oso’ is a design for the Conservatorium of Surinam.
Session One created a mood film to showcase the vibe and details of Lindsey’s model.
She created a new typology of an open-air school in the Culture garden in Surinam.

Poku Oso is the home of the Conservatory of Suriname in the Cultuurtuin, a new typology of an open-air school. An accessible, musical sound environment that creates bonding, spaces to learn from each other, to stimulate creativity, curiosity, and movement, and to develop a stronger community. Music is a great social and educational activator for everyone.

The process

of creating


What we did

Film production


Timothy Wormhoudt

Mark Groen

Leanne Vink

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